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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Flooded at my university!!

This is my 1st time study at university when flood!!hurray!!so fun with frren!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

My childhood picture

This is the picture that take when i was baby.Cant imaging that i was quite fat when i was baby!

Own hand making

I love to make dessert or cake at home when i was free.This dessert call mooncake then i make with my own hand.Mooncake in malay call kuih bulan.I make it and i sell to my friend.

My 1st time take dance performance

This is my 1st time to take dance and performance on stage.In this picture is me and my dance couple .Her name call fiezal.we dance malay tradisonal dance that is zapin.Is quite intresting and i enjoy it!

My 1st time to draw a picture to give friend as a birthday gift

This is my 1st time to draw a picture to send to friend.Its quite challenging because i never take drawing class before.Pls leave some comment to me.Thanks

My favourite english drama

This is my favourite english drama.It talk about zombie.This drama full of bloody scene that quite disgusting.The reason that i like this drama is because the zombie appearance is quite real.